The Start of the wedding planning! 

So, I decided to start writing a blog towards the end of the wedding planning and school process.. I thought it would be a good idea to help maybe inspire and give ideas to even just one person out there on how to plan a wedding on a budget, help manage time and to show that you can work full time, go to school and plan a wedding… Because, well, we are all superheroes in our own ways!

To begin: Getting engaged is so exciting!! The proposal, the first time you say you are engaged, you call him or her your fiancé; you are on cloud 9! Then the reality sets in of everyone asking you the questions of how it all happened (which you love reliving), when the wedding is, where it’s going to be, etc, etc, etc. Then you finally nail the date down and you need to start looking at vendors. We have been lucky because my family thankfully has a lot of connections in  my hometown. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… We moved 2 weeks after getting engaged to where he grew up, but about 300 miles away from my family and where the wedding is)

Pretty much, as soon as you know the town, you do your research and put those feelers out for any type of connections or advice people have for you. I must say, the internet has been my best friend throughout this process, as well as my parents and just word of mouth. For example, we went to the Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore concert at the Tacoma Dome February 13 and just talking to the people next to us, we found the website we are using for our favors:! Easy enough and fairly inexpensive for the amount of people we have coming to the wedding.

Oh, and the very first step of wedding planning (how could I forget) is to establish your budget. Money is such an awkward subject especially in this economy. So many people have all of these glamorous weddings that you see on tv and movies (Bridesmaids… It had to have been a fortune)  So, you have to sit down with whoever you think is going to help you pay for the wedding, your parents, your soon to be spouse’s parents, your soon to be spouse, grandparents, anyone that has helped raise you and you think you should ask. That is the first step! You have to figure out how much money is going into this whole beautiful day to celebrate your marriage and the person that you are going to spend forever with!

Wedding planning can be very stressful and to top mine off, we moved, I had to find a new job and I decided to go to school 9 months before the wedding. So, I am starting a blog to just hopefully help anyone that is in a similar position and to give some advice that I have received and to share what I have learned 🙂

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