Welcome to the crazy, busy, beautiful life!

I would have to say that a big help in the planning and getting it going was pinterest. (I don’t know how people planned weddings before pinterest) Using pinterest, I found ideas for what I envisioned the atmosphere to be, signs, decorations, awesome timelines of how to manage your time for planning (some of which I followed, but as time goes on and you start to get ideas, it all kind of falls into place) But also, pictures of different save the dates, invitations, vows, dresses, hairstyles, bridesmaids stuff. There are so many things that go into planning a wedding that if you start early (I had created my wedding board like 2 years before I got engaged…. I obviously showed my fiancé and thankfully we have similar style so there’s a lot of things that I liked that he also liked)

My sister got engaged 4 months after I did (YES, my poor parents) and she got married 3.5 months before we will! So, talking with her and getting ideas going between the two of us (we are sharing some of the same vendors, but using different ones as well.) We have very different personalities so our weddings will be totally different, but just little details that no one tells you about such as a rehearsal and dinner, where the bridal party stands, how far apart they walk down the aisle… (we are not using a wedding planner which makes it more fun as well)

With working full time, going back to school online and planning a wedding, things get crazy and busy! How I’ve been managing to do it, still have a personal life, still drive to my parents on occasion and still make sure my fiancé feels loved and important has been tricky. But it’s all about time management. I would get up in the morning and do homework on days I knew I worked late because I cook dinner almost every night as well. I generally spend Saturdays while he is at work, cleaning, doing homework and doing some sort of wedding planning. If you chip away at it every week and discuss what you are working on (communicating is key! Whether or not your significant other is doing a lot of planning time wise, you still need to fill them in!) My fiancé works about 50-60 hours a week and I work about 40 and put in about 5 or 10 on a busy week in school work. It’s challenging, but if you communicate and you set time aside to work on it week by week, it gets less stressful. Retouching on your budget is also crucial because you plan for certain items to be a certain price and you could go over or under. Don’t forget with save the dates and invites as well, you have to pay for postage! That can be costly! Also, take into consideration how much your invites and save the dates weigh!

I will list some of my favorite websites that we have used for different things throughout the wedding:

http://www.pinterest.com  www.budget-bride.com   http://www.ferndalesbridal.net   http://www.weddingvibe.com (They do giveaways for different things for weddings!)   http://www.smartpress.com   http://www.exclusivelyweddings.com   http://www.weddingwire.com   http://www.theknot.com   http://www.uprinting.com

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