40 and counting….

This weekend is my bachelorette party! I had one shower in my hometown and am now having my bachelorette party and a shower with a lot of my family down where I was born in Southern California. I think that it is starting to get more and more real now that we are approaching my bachelorette party!

We have started to nail down some more details… I wrote my vows last week! I just googled “funny vows” and “how to write your own vows” because I know that I will lose it so I have to squish in some funny lines to get me through it! (I’m a very emotional and sappy person and it’s been getting worse over the last few years and I have no idea why!!!!)

We aren’t going to be using many decorations at all… We are getting married at a baseball field, so we are going to really just have mason jars on the tables with fun questions for people to answer and a few other activities! But it is really going to be quite simple and casual because that’s kind of our personalities. I think that there are a lot of stereotypes around weddings for decorations and going above and beyond but I think what it comes down to is your personality. If you are fancy, by all means go get fancy with it, but if you are casual and think that you don’t pay much attention to decorations when you’re at weddings, then please feel free to not worry so much about the decorations. We have a lot of fun things for our wedding, but I don’t want to give them away for those that are coming who might be reading this 😉 But obviously, after we have gotten married, pictures will be posted 🙂

Also, a small detail that I forgot to include before is that it is important to set up blocks of hotel rooms for your out of town guests in advance. Our wedding is on a Holiday weekend and a lot of our family is traveling, so we set them up fairly quick. We also wanted to give multiple price ranges and options so that people don’t feel obligated to all stay together or pay a fortune. Another great idea is to look into vacation rentals, or let you guests know some sites that offer them! Especially if they have a large family or have close friends that they would want to stay with! It’s a great option!

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