When your brain feels….

Wow! Today was a long day… And it’s not even over yet… So, I haven’t said this before, but I am a preschool teacher! I love children and what I do, but, let’s be honest.. It’s exhausting! So, today, my brain is fried. Let alone, we have a work meeting tonight. So I had to leave for 2.5 hours and will be going back. Ha ha And since it’s my bachelorette party this weekend, I had to do my homework, which ended up kind of being in my favor.. That way I didn’t have to go all the way home (30 minutes away, so an hour in the car total) and come back.

But, my brain hurts!

We got good news! My dad is working on getting a beer trailer to use for our reception! Our wedding is at a baseball stadium.. Not sure if I mentioned that before… But I’m a huge baseball fan, my fiancé was named after a big name in baseball who just so happens to be one of my favorites… (Oh… Kind of the meaning behind the name of the blog… My nick name and my favorite teams mascot!) So, it’s pretty awesome! We have a BBQ deck as apart of the reception, but also a beer trailer in left field!! So getting the trailer and obviously lots of kegs lined up is a relief!

But at this point, I am just so excited to go celebrate the fact that I am getting married this weekend! I need the beach, my girls, family and a few drinks wouldn’t hurt! So cheers! Saturday can’t come soon enough!

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