Tongue tie and milk supply issues

   Being a new mom is like no other experience and literally there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for it… I guess you could stay with a friend or a family member with a new baby and everything they do, you do the exact same! Example: they get up every 2-3 hours in the night to change diapers, feed, pump- you get up with them and mimic them… although, I don’t know how you’ll get the full effect of the constant pain from pumping and feeding in your breasts and nipples… I guess you could rub some sand paper on your nipples here and there and maybe  into the areas surround your aereolas. That might give you a little glimpse into those feelings. But truly, no matter how prepared you think you are, your experience will be nothing like what you think it will be!

  For me, I always knew I would be a mom. I dreamt of it for years, honestly since I can remember. This is why I chose the career and school path of early childhood education; from nannying to teaching in preschools. I love kids! But my idea of what my life with a newborn would be like has been a complete 180 from what I thought it would be! I thought I’d still be able to get my household chores done: laundry, cleaning, dinner made, etc. I thought I would breastfeed like a boss! I mean, it’s the most natural thing, all animals do it, our bodies are made to do it, why would I not? I had 3 things that I said I would never do based on my background of school and experience. Those 3 things: 1. Let her sleep in the bed with me. 2. Swaddling 3. Binkies. Can you guess how long it took me to do all 3? Yeah, less than a week. We all go into things with expectations or comparisons with others  and those expectations comparisons set us up for the feeling of complete failure. I can’t tell you how many times in the 5 months my tiny human has been alive that I’ve felt like a complete failure. (And the truth, I’M NOT! She’s alive, she smiles, she loves me, she loves others, she’s silly! How can I truly be failing when these things are happening?)

  I’ll start with her birth. I was induced due to high blood pressure. I didn’t know my blood pressure in 3/4 appointments prior to my 39 week appointment was high and at my 39 week  appointment, I decided I was gonna get her movin’ and closer to entering the world! My girl dr was on the 5th floor of the building, I took the elevator like I did every other appointment even though I knew I wanted to walk some stairs… I get to the 5th floor and see the stairs right next to me. Yup! I walk down the stairs to the first floor and allll the way back up to the 5th floor…. completely winded I can barely speak to check in for my appointment, I get checked in, go back into the room and my blood pressure is really high. She has to take it again and then she has to go get my dr. My dr comes in and says “guess who’s getting induced tomorrow? And why did you walk down and back up the stairs?” I said “to get her out!” She laughs and said “I knew it. Well, you’re going over to labor and delivery to do tests and get monitored and if they come back normal, you’re being induced at 7am tomorrow (Thursday) I’m not on call until Friday, but this could take a day or so, so I will probably be there to deliver baby!” At this point, I’m kind of freaking out, being wheeled over to labor and delivery. (she wouldn’t let me walk to keep my blood pressure down) I casually text my husband saying “you don’t need to leave work, but they’re wheeling me over to labor and delivery to do some tests and I’m being induced tomorrow if they come back normal.” Right, like he’s not going to leave work. They do the tests, they all come back normal so we go home and come back at 7am Thursday morning.


  Now, being induced was not apart of my birth plan. I wanted her to come naturally, but I also knew they thought my blood pressure warranted being induced, so there it was. The first time I had to come to terms with my life as a mom not going how I had planned.Before I got pregnant, I thought for sure I would have a hard pregnancy based on how tough my periods were along with having ovarian cysts that would rupture leaving me in excruciating pain for about 24 hours at a time. My pregnancy was so easy! So when I had to be induced, I started to think “ha.  Now it’s coming. This is what I get.” Being induced for me was just boring and hard. I had to stay in the hospital, I’m impatient, the cervical ripener they used was a 12 hour one and no one would check me until it came out- 12 hours later…

  I started to have pretty heavy contractions with a few hours left of the cervical ripener. Once it was 12 hours, they said I was far enough along to take it out and start with the pitocin. That is supposed to make contractions pretty heavy, but for me…. They ended up getting pretty mild and slowing down. So much so that I could sleep. So I woke up the next morning and anxiously waited until 7- when my dr was on! She came in shortly after 7 and said “ok! We’re gonna break your water!” I was so excited! It’s finally happening! So she checks to see how dilated I am first and says “you are nowhere near where they said you were last night! We need to do another form of cervical ripener- a 4 hour one.” And I lost it! I wasted 12 hours by being on pitocin instead of them just using another cervical ripener to get me to where I needed to be! So I had to get the 4 hour ripener twice and then she finally broke my water! Now, we are about 32 hours into the induction. I start to have heavy contractions and eventually go back into active labor and part of my birth plan was to go without the epidural! If I really needed it, I would ask for it, but I wanted to do it without! Well, when you’ve been in labor for 32+ hours, made it through active labor and heavy contractions without it, then they stop and start again, my body apparently was done and I needed that epidural! Once again, something that wasn’t a part of my birth plan!

  I ended up pushing for 1:46 minutes, after nurses told me the average first time mom pushes about an hour! Thankfully, it didn’t feel that long! (My body would beg to differ after the adrenaline wore off!)

  51 hours and 46 minutes after being induced, our baby girl was born! Beautiful and healthy! She latched right away and was doing amazing! So cute and cuddly!

  Hospital life with a newborn who only wanted to nurse, parents who didn’t know how to swaddle and uncomfortable beds was rough, but the staff came and helped!

  She loved to nurse! I felt like for the first weeks of her life, she was snuggling and eating! She was a good eater! Or so I thought! My first mistake at breastfeeding was not doing any research prior to having her!

  She wasn’t really gaining weight. A sleep deprived, new mom had no idea what she was doing or what she was doing wrong. They then found out she wasn’t transferring even though I felt like I was feeding her ALL the time, I had no idea what this really meant, she was eating as far as I could tell! We went to the pediatrician’s office at least once a week for the first 6 weeks of her life! Apparently the pediatrician thought she might be doing more pacifying than eating the lactation consultant informed us- which was news to us! So eventually the lactation consultant noticed she wasn’t doing the long, deep, nutritive sucks, they were more chompy sucks and thought maybe she had a tongue tie. It just so happened that our pediatrician was the tongue tie expert! But until the next appointment she had me start pumping until I was completely empty to see what I was getting and to start to tell my body to produce more milk. At the next appointment she checked her and never really said yes she had it or no she didn’t, just said “I think you have a low milk supply. So you have 2 options, you can continue doing what you’re doing (feeding her then pumping and taking herbal supplements) or you can supplement with formula. My heart broke. That was the last thing I wanted to do so I said “I’ll continue doing what I’m doing. That’s my last resort” and broke out into tears and left.

  The next day I decided I’d go to the breastfeeding support group at the hospital and hope they could give me more positive news. In reality, it was much worse. I kind of gave the LC my story and then started feeding and she told me that her weight gain was really bad and that she was close to hospitalization and she recommended supplementing right away and explained a form of giving her the supplement through a small tube called an SNS that attached to my breast and could help her get those good sucks down and also thought she might be tongue tied. So once again insert all the water works, I left in tears and drove straight to my husband’s work to tell him what was going on. Upset that the pediatrician didn’t catch this, we decided to go to the office to try to explain what happened and start supplementing, but they didn’t have an appointment for us. So we went back to the hospital group and started supplementing. I cried myself to sleep and cried every time I woke up to feed her. My heart was breaking. The vision I had of breastfeeding exclusively was destroyed. And how hard it was to come to terms with the idea that my body wasn’t enough for my baby even though this is what it’s made to do.

  After the lactation consultant mentioned tongue tie, I was feeling kind of like maybe she is and our pediatrician just didn’t catch it. So once I calmed down, I called the pediatrician and just asked why. I spoke to a nurse and asked what the reasoning was and said 2 LC’s said they thought she was and explained the whole story. She said she’d talk to the dr and call me back. When she called me she said “your dr has submitted a referral to Dr. Gharei.” He just so happens to be a tongue tie guru! We got in to see him 4 days later and he said right away “yup! She’s definitely tongue tied!” So we got it fixed right then. What a relief! My breastfeeding journey should be starting again soon because so many people said once it’s fixed they should start to breastfeed again pretty quickly! I waited… and waited.. still pumping every 2-3 hours, bottle feeding her.. she was still transferring tiny amounts at the support group group, but it was too much to continue to do the 3-step feeding. The LC’s at the support group kept saying I needed to see the occupational therapist they work with because she would be able to help us! It took forever to get a referral from my dr, so in the meantime I tried craniosacral therapy which I had hoped would work, it did, but not enough. Then at about 4 months, we finally got into occupational therapy. At her first real appointment, not including the consult, she transferred almost 3 oz! The most she had prior was 1.5, but more consistently closer to 1. I said “shut up!” And cried! I could not believe it! They told me I could cut pumping in half and really just mostly breastfeed her unless she seems like she’s still hungry, but my relationship with my pump was coming to an end!

  Here we are, about 5.5 almost 6 months after she was born and exclusively breastfeeding! Some days I’m still in shock that we made it! Others, I’m still anxious and wondering if she’s getting enough! I follow a pretty strict feeding schedule and don’t allow us to go longer than 3 hours during the day and 4 at night. (You could say I have PTSD or high anxiety) but we’re here, we’re doing it! My hard work paid off! I was determined and was not going to let anyone who had anything different to say stand in my way! Yes, I wish I had known about her tie sooner, but I now know how strong we all are and that we can truly get through damn near anything if we push hard enough!


Things I’ve learned:

  1. The emotions you feel as a new mom are normal and nothing to be ashamed of. You are adjusting to a whole new, sleepless life! You just grew a tiny human and it came out of you- of course you’re going to feel a whirlwind of a rollercoaster of emotions! It is okay and normal to feel it. So feel them come, be gentle with yourself and don’t live there. Find support people. They may just be people you call or text. Life with a newborn can be overwhelming. Don’t set too many expectations of yourself.
  2. These ideas of how you think things will go or you have planned out, yeah, those will most likely go in a direction you didn’t think or you didn’t want! Breathe and channel your inner Elsa and try to let it go! I wanted a natural birth: like baby to come on her own, no epidural natural. I didn’t get either of those. I beat myself up over them and it got my nowhere. Just frustration, sadness and disappointment in myself. But that’s so silly! Look at what I did, I pushed a beautiful baby girl out of me! She’s healthy and here, why does it matter how she got here? Breastfeeding: holy crap! Now that was a BIG one for me… I never wanted to use formula. With my background in early childhood education, working with infants, I saw babies who used both. Now, there’s nothing wrong with formula, I just didn’t like the smell, noticed the babies spit up more and saw the bond that babies who were breastfed was different with their moms. I also know how breastmilk has health benefits for both mom and baby. But, the bonding and the natural aspect of it were very important to me. Like I said, I thought my baby was eating fine.. she ate ALL the time, latched well and would fall asleep on me. I guess I didn’t do enough research. But letting go of my idea of strictly breastfeeding so that my baby could grow and be healthy was so hard. I was extremely hard on myself. I said that I was an unfit mother because how could I not breastfeed her when it’s so natural and our bodies are made to do it, yet, mine can’t. Coming to terms with my reality being so different than I wanted and imagined was so hard. I have to talk to myself so much about how my baby is healthy, she still latches, I’m pumping and she’s getting breastmilk and I’m working my butt off to try to get back to where my vision of strictly breastfeeding was. You’d be surprised at how many people struggle with breastfeeding! No wonder so many end up using formula! What I thought would be easy and natural has ended up being so hard and, well, not so natural because I have to trick my body by using an electric pump!
  3. You have to find some time in your day for yourself. And by for yourself I mean, to shower, to do your hair, just to ensure you’re not fully jumping into motherhood and identifying yourself as only that. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. You’ve gone through and are going through a lot, so try to remember that. Don’t expect too much of yourself.
  4. Don’t forget about the relationship you have that brought you this baby! It takes two to tango! (If you’re still with the father. And if you’re not, I’m truly sorry, with my experience, I’m married to my daughter’s father.) it’s easy to get wrapped up in your new role of mom, but your significant other is adjusting to their new role too, support each other and remember that you are a team! Communicating and having a relationship are extra tough when you’re sleep deprived, emotional and feeling all the feels. Remember that and forgive and communicate.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ha this one is hard for me! I’m particular about who I ask help from and when I ask for help! I don’t like showing weakness and people thinking I can’t do it. But seriously, they say it takes a village and it sure does! Just make sure you are asking for help from people you feel comfortable with.
  6. Do things that make you comfortable and don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Your mom instincts are strong, listen to them. You just went through a lot, so it’s important to make sure you are comfortable and you aren’t there to please other people. Your family is your priority!
  7. This mom thing is no joke! It is beautiful and fun, but it’s also exhausting and hard! Everyone has their struggles and social media is great at hiding them. The amount of pressure we feel to be perfect and enjoy every aspect of it is unreal. So try to not think about it or compare yourself and situation to others, it will only hurt you! Everyone and every baby is different! You will hit milestones at a different  rate and that’s normal and ok!
  8. I’m lucky if I get dinner done. I used to ensure the house was clean, organized, laundry done and dinner made every day… well, newborns make that kind of difficult. I’m someone who functions better when things are clean and organized. I get overwhelmed when there’s clutter. So, letting go of a clean house, dishes and laundry done along with dinner being made has been tough. But, I better get used to it now because kids are messy and they don’t always clean up after themselves.
  9. If you have a strong feeling about something, speak up! Your mama instincts are strong, there’s probably a reason you feel something! I was so glad I called our pediatrician after having that 2nd lactation consultant mention the tongue tie! Who knows where we would’ve ended up if I hadn’t!

A week away From saying I DO!

Wow! I don’t even know if busy is the word to describe the last few weeks.. Between working, being in one of my bridesmaid’s weddings, finalizing details, oh and you know, just making sure to keep an “A” in my last term of school… I guess you could say that I am busy… I honestly, feel like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time lately… Like at work, I try really hard to focus only on work, but my mind races at a million miles an hour! At home, I remember 50,000 things that I need to talk to my fiancé about for the wedding and then when he gets home.. I’m lucky if I remember one!

So, to say the least, my life has been a little crazy! But the great news is that I am still keeping an A in my class- as of right now ;)- The wedding is coming together and I am still working! 🙂 Thankfully, we both took Wednesday-Friday off before the wedding!

Wish me luck!


Oh those things! I’ve never really understood them until going through the wedding process myself… With a guest list of like 600 people… That’s a lot! When you have to count how many people are coming for the sake of chairs, tables, food, drinks… You want to be pretty spot on so you have enough but aren’t over paying! I can tell you that now, I will always RSVP as soon as I get the invite or let the couple know if I’m waiting on something! Life gets busy, totally understandable, but weddings are a big and expensive deal! 

If people haven’t RSVP’d by your deadline (we have gotten about 1/2) you can send them a reminder via text, email, Facebook, your parents! Whatever is easiest! Usually they forgot or sometimes they haven’t gotten it because of the mail! But you can send out a reminder to them! 

Bachelorette party = success! 

I’ve only been to my sister and one of my best friends bachelorette party, but I had an idea of how I wanted it to go…. A tiara, sash, bride tank were a must… All weekend! Not everyone wants to always be the center of attention, but I feel like when it’s your time to shine, you go for it! Granted, I’m loud, outgoing and obnoxious most of the time, so it came easy! But it was a blast and a big party all weekend! I have some of the most amazing friends and family! It was awesome to plan to have a bridal shower down there too with some of my family as well! I’m sure that going into the weekend, I had a lot of different ideas. But none of which topped how it actually was! I even got special treatment at Angel stadium and was allowed to go in and take picture with the Mike Trout bobblehead! It was absolutely amazing!  

When your brain feels….

Wow! Today was a long day… And it’s not even over yet… So, I haven’t said this before, but I am a preschool teacher! I love children and what I do, but, let’s be honest.. It’s exhausting! So, today, my brain is fried. Let alone, we have a work meeting tonight. So I had to leave for 2.5 hours and will be going back. Ha ha And since it’s my bachelorette party this weekend, I had to do my homework, which ended up kind of being in my favor.. That way I didn’t have to go all the way home (30 minutes away, so an hour in the car total) and come back.

But, my brain hurts!

We got good news! My dad is working on getting a beer trailer to use for our reception! Our wedding is at a baseball stadium.. Not sure if I mentioned that before… But I’m a huge baseball fan, my fiancé was named after a big name in baseball who just so happens to be one of my favorites… (Oh… Kind of the meaning behind the name of the blog… My nick name and my favorite teams mascot!) So, it’s pretty awesome! We have a BBQ deck as apart of the reception, but also a beer trailer in left field!! So getting the trailer and obviously lots of kegs lined up is a relief!

But at this point, I am just so excited to go celebrate the fact that I am getting married this weekend! I need the beach, my girls, family and a few drinks wouldn’t hurt! So cheers! Saturday can’t come soon enough!

40 and counting….

This weekend is my bachelorette party! I had one shower in my hometown and am now having my bachelorette party and a shower with a lot of my family down where I was born in Southern California. I think that it is starting to get more and more real now that we are approaching my bachelorette party!

We have started to nail down some more details… I wrote my vows last week! I just googled “funny vows” and “how to write your own vows” because I know that I will lose it so I have to squish in some funny lines to get me through it! (I’m a very emotional and sappy person and it’s been getting worse over the last few years and I have no idea why!!!!)

We aren’t going to be using many decorations at all… We are getting married at a baseball field, so we are going to really just have mason jars on the tables with fun questions for people to answer and a few other activities! But it is really going to be quite simple and casual because that’s kind of our personalities. I think that there are a lot of stereotypes around weddings for decorations and going above and beyond but I think what it comes down to is your personality. If you are fancy, by all means go get fancy with it, but if you are casual and think that you don’t pay much attention to decorations when you’re at weddings, then please feel free to not worry so much about the decorations. We have a lot of fun things for our wedding, but I don’t want to give them away for those that are coming who might be reading this 😉 But obviously, after we have gotten married, pictures will be posted 🙂

Also, a small detail that I forgot to include before is that it is important to set up blocks of hotel rooms for your out of town guests in advance. Our wedding is on a Holiday weekend and a lot of our family is traveling, so we set them up fairly quick. We also wanted to give multiple price ranges and options so that people don’t feel obligated to all stay together or pay a fortune. Another great idea is to look into vacation rentals, or let you guests know some sites that offer them! Especially if they have a large family or have close friends that they would want to stay with! It’s a great option!

41 Days!

Holy cow! 41 days until we say “I Do!” It’s starting to feel somewhat more stressful but it comes in waves. There are days that I feel so ready for it and like I am on track and others, I feel like I have so much to do. It’s hard too because I will think of things that I need to do or new ideas right before bed and it keeps me up and I tell myself to remember it in the morning and I definitely don’t! Ha ha

The step that we are on right now is keeping track and documenting who has RSVP’d. We sent out about 220 invites (yes, 220! ~550-600 people invited) and I think that we have gotten about 60 or so back. That is another stressful part… What do you do when not everyone has RSVP’d? This is why we have been keeping track of who has RSVP’d so that in about a week or so, we can get in contact with those who haven’t and figure out if they’re planning on coming or not.

The thing that has been helpful when it comes to budgeting for how many people to assume are coming has been (not sure where they found this, but) my parents said to assume 75% of the people that you invited will attend. It’s almost impossible, when you get that large of a guest list and from all over, to assume that they will all attend. So my parents created an Xcel spread sheet to calculate numbers of who all we invited and then created a formula calculation within the spread sheet that calculated the guesstimated number of people who will be attending. Here is a link on how to do it: ( I have also decided that with this calculation that I have budgeted for more than 75% so that we are prepared in case there are more than that number coming, just to be safe. I think that it is better to over budget than to under budget!

Planning a wedding is definitely not easy and I hope that I don’t make it feel like it is, but at the same time, I feel that using your resources and time management are very helpful and make it a lot less stressful! I hope that I can help make some of you feel somewhat at ease to know that what you’re going through is normal and that you will get through it and it’ll all be perfect 🙂

Welcome to the crazy, busy, beautiful life!

I would have to say that a big help in the planning and getting it going was pinterest. (I don’t know how people planned weddings before pinterest) Using pinterest, I found ideas for what I envisioned the atmosphere to be, signs, decorations, awesome timelines of how to manage your time for planning (some of which I followed, but as time goes on and you start to get ideas, it all kind of falls into place) But also, pictures of different save the dates, invitations, vows, dresses, hairstyles, bridesmaids stuff. There are so many things that go into planning a wedding that if you start early (I had created my wedding board like 2 years before I got engaged…. I obviously showed my fiancé and thankfully we have similar style so there’s a lot of things that I liked that he also liked)

My sister got engaged 4 months after I did (YES, my poor parents) and she got married 3.5 months before we will! So, talking with her and getting ideas going between the two of us (we are sharing some of the same vendors, but using different ones as well.) We have very different personalities so our weddings will be totally different, but just little details that no one tells you about such as a rehearsal and dinner, where the bridal party stands, how far apart they walk down the aisle… (we are not using a wedding planner which makes it more fun as well)

With working full time, going back to school online and planning a wedding, things get crazy and busy! How I’ve been managing to do it, still have a personal life, still drive to my parents on occasion and still make sure my fiancé feels loved and important has been tricky. But it’s all about time management. I would get up in the morning and do homework on days I knew I worked late because I cook dinner almost every night as well. I generally spend Saturdays while he is at work, cleaning, doing homework and doing some sort of wedding planning. If you chip away at it every week and discuss what you are working on (communicating is key! Whether or not your significant other is doing a lot of planning time wise, you still need to fill them in!) My fiancé works about 50-60 hours a week and I work about 40 and put in about 5 or 10 on a busy week in school work. It’s challenging, but if you communicate and you set time aside to work on it week by week, it gets less stressful. Retouching on your budget is also crucial because you plan for certain items to be a certain price and you could go over or under. Don’t forget with save the dates and invites as well, you have to pay for postage! That can be costly! Also, take into consideration how much your invites and save the dates weigh!

I will list some of my favorite websites that we have used for different things throughout the wedding: (They do giveaways for different things for weddings!)

The Start of the wedding planning! 

So, I decided to start writing a blog towards the end of the wedding planning and school process.. I thought it would be a good idea to help maybe inspire and give ideas to even just one person out there on how to plan a wedding on a budget, help manage time and to show that you can work full time, go to school and plan a wedding… Because, well, we are all superheroes in our own ways!

To begin: Getting engaged is so exciting!! The proposal, the first time you say you are engaged, you call him or her your fiancé; you are on cloud 9! Then the reality sets in of everyone asking you the questions of how it all happened (which you love reliving), when the wedding is, where it’s going to be, etc, etc, etc. Then you finally nail the date down and you need to start looking at vendors. We have been lucky because my family thankfully has a lot of connections in  my hometown. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… We moved 2 weeks after getting engaged to where he grew up, but about 300 miles away from my family and where the wedding is)

Pretty much, as soon as you know the town, you do your research and put those feelers out for any type of connections or advice people have for you. I must say, the internet has been my best friend throughout this process, as well as my parents and just word of mouth. For example, we went to the Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore concert at the Tacoma Dome February 13 and just talking to the people next to us, we found the website we are using for our favors:! Easy enough and fairly inexpensive for the amount of people we have coming to the wedding.

Oh, and the very first step of wedding planning (how could I forget) is to establish your budget. Money is such an awkward subject especially in this economy. So many people have all of these glamorous weddings that you see on tv and movies (Bridesmaids… It had to have been a fortune)  So, you have to sit down with whoever you think is going to help you pay for the wedding, your parents, your soon to be spouse’s parents, your soon to be spouse, grandparents, anyone that has helped raise you and you think you should ask. That is the first step! You have to figure out how much money is going into this whole beautiful day to celebrate your marriage and the person that you are going to spend forever with!

Wedding planning can be very stressful and to top mine off, we moved, I had to find a new job and I decided to go to school 9 months before the wedding. So, I am starting a blog to just hopefully help anyone that is in a similar position and to give some advice that I have received and to share what I have learned 🙂